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It is Official!! We are a Chapter of ASET

Join us at the First ever Annual MN Chapter Meeting

We are so EXCITED!! We now have an official domain name We have an official Facebook page. We are a Chapter of ASET!!

This means so many wonderful things for the technologists, hospitals, clinics, providers, vendors and most importantly our patients in Minnesota.

We are able to earn FREE CEUS through ASET every year!! We are able to gain additional assistance with promoting and offering educational events. We have our very own staff liaison to assist us with licensure efforts!!

October 14th, we will hold our very first annual meeting at HealthPartners Specialty Clinic in St. Paul. Our amazing team has put together a group of board certified specialists to bring you 4 high quality CEUs at a very low price. Join our team at your earliest convenience and we will help connect you to all the resources we have. Our conference will feature breakfast, coffee and cookies from Ginkgo's Coffehouse. If you ever have any questions or comments please don't hesitate to contact a member of our team via the website links. We look forward to hearing from you soon!!

The MN Chapter of ASET Officers and Board!!

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