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Back in action

Greetings fellow NDT Professionals,

First, allow me to start with a deep, heartfelt apology. I am sorry for the lack of updates over the last year. Here's to a better year.

Next, let me be frank with you all. We need your help. In order to have a sustainable chapter of ASET, we need lots of participation. We have awesome goals, engaging education and networking opportunities but we need participation from others to make it happen.

What are you good at doing? What activities do you enjoy? You can use that to your advantage and ours. Put your hobbies and skills to good use by joining our chapter and participating in achieving goals together.

For example, I love to write. I am passionate about education and an a fervent networking tech. I put those skills to use in reaching out to others to learn about things I am unfamiliar with. I then employ my writing and educational skills to use to write Tech Tips Articles, presentations and put together blog posts. I could use your help if you share any of these interests.

Together we can make this happen and can be SUCCESSFUL!! Feel free to send a chat message with your contact info and I personally will get back with you on how you can join our team.

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