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Our FIRST Virtual Conference is less 1 month away!

Will you join us for our first virtual conference?

Register here on our website.

Saturday, October 10th 8:30am- 12p, MN-ASET- YOUR local source for quality education will be hosting our first ever VIRTUAL conference.

We will start the day with a brief, 30 minute business meeting. Don't let the short time frame mislead you. We have 2 hot topics to discuss. If you are a paid member you will get to vote and help decide the future direction of the chapter in regards to very important potentially By-Laws changing items!

We are excited to install 2 new officers at this meeting! Jennifer Vierkant from the MN-Epilepsy Group will be installed as our new president and Lee Wolfinbarger, also from the MN Epilepsy Group will be our new President Elect.

We will follow up our business meeting with 3 incredible talks! Dr. Andrew Reeves from the New Ulm Clinic with Allina Health System will present on interesting nerve conduction and EMG case studies. Jen Vierkant, our new President, will follow with a talk regarding pediatrics and EEG. Lee Wolfinbarger will round out our conference with a talk on Critical Care EEG- Beyond Seizures.

While we had hoped to have a social event this year, COVID-19 eliminated that option. However, next year- get ready to toast to our first ever social event.


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