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Your success depends on your desire

Your level of success in NDT, neurodiagnostic technology is completely dependent on your desire to continue reaching to the next level.  As a visitor to our site, you have access to our blogs written by our members and a list of services we provide. As a member, you have access to our membership directory, our educational resources and forums to discuss ideas. Click on the Join Now button to partner with us in the move forward for Minnesota NDT. 

Current & Future Events

Educational Events 

Chapter Meeting Dates:  Feel free to join our next chapter meeting to gain an idea of what being a participating member is all about. See our event calendar for the next meeting date. 

ASET Events- Our parent site,, provides ample opportunities for education, connection and licensure across the nation.  Please feel free to check out their site! 

Services we provide

Everyone has access to our current and archived events. We also provide open access to our "Featured Member Blog" where every month a different member is interviewed about a popular NDT topic. 

Only members have access to the following: 

  • Membership Directory for MN-ASET

  • Online educational events

  • Education Discounts

  • Committee Meetings

  • Member Forums

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