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Headed to Kansas City

On my way to the annual president's chapter breakfast at the annual ASET conference in Kansas City, MO! 

This is my true hometown. Born and raised and was blessed to vote on this location for our 60th anniversary! 

Did you know in one 3 day weekend you can get 20 CEUs? One conference gets you will in your way to your credential renewal. 

Coming up the fall, in the Twin Cities, will be an all new fall educational event. We will learn, collaborate, vote, elect and build relationships. I'm so excited for our future! 

Write me with your desired topics!! 

Dedicated to our Minnesota chapter, 

Looking to the future with you, 

Petra Davidson, R. EEG/EP T., FASET

EEG Clinical Coordinator

Intranerve Neuroscience

And here to serve you! 

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